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Reseller Hosting: A Look Into How the Middleman Works

Reseller hosting refers to getting a hosting service and then reselling this service to customers under your own brand after breaking them apart into smaller pieces. The reseller sells the web space that is found in the server of someone else. Basically what the reseller does is act as the middleman.

The purpose of reselling is for website hosting. If you are in business and you have a website, you will need a server. You get a domain name and then start creating and developing websites using the hosting service. The reseller does not need to maintain the main website because he is only reselling the services for web hosting. The advantage of being a reseller is that you get to earn profits without having to deal with lots of technical issues.

With reseller hosting you get to apply as an eon reseller for the purpose of receiving domain registrations for a much lesser price. This enables you to offer a few domain registrations through the use of a master billing system or with a domain registration of your own creation.

The start of a reseller hosting services begins with selecting easy to use platform and control panels for different hosting accounts. You then choose a reliable and reputable web hosting company that is known to have an outstanding support for your reseller account. Basing on the services you will offer and taking in to consideration the prices that your competition charges, you will need to set up a hosting plan of your own as well as determine the price you will be charging. It is important to remember that the website should be ready for business that has a merchant account, an SSL certificate as well as a payment gateway in order to get a comprehensive security service.

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